GRP Thickness Grades

All of our profiles are made to BS EN 13706 which defines the minimum mechanical properties in each of two grades E17 and E23. All our profiles with a wall thickness greater than 5mm are grade E23.

GRP compliance to industry standards

The table below shows the minimum properties to comply with the two grades defined in the BS EN 13706.

Units Property Data
E23 Grade E17 Grade
Full section modulus GPa 23 17
Tensile strength (axial) MPa 240 170
Tensile strength (transverse) MPa 50 30
Tensile Modulus (axial) GPa 23 17
Tensile Modulus (transverse) GPa 7 5
Flexural strength (axial) MPa 240 170
Flexural strength (transverse) MPa 100 70
Inter-laminar shear MPa 25 15
Pin bearing strength MPa 70 50

GRP grades E23 & E17

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