Moulded GRP Grating

The proven gritted anti-slip surface of our moulded grating has one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface, especially in wet, oily or frosty work areas. The integral gritted anti-slip top surface provides long-lasting slip resistant qualities. The material has excellent corrosion resistance, a factor which makes it a logical and cost-effective alternative to conventional steel materials.

Fibreglass Grating

The use of Fibreglass Grating eliminates maintenance costs, since painting is not required. Grating materials weigh about one quarter of steel grating, and two men can easily handle and fit the panels without the need for any equipment other than hand tools.

Fibreglass Pultrusion

The Fibreglass Pultrusion process that manufactures all of our sections and profiles provides exceptional strength, toughness and consistency. GRP Pultrusions offer a number of advantages over traditional materials such as steel, aluminium and timber and their use is increasing across a wide range of applications and industries. The almost infinite variety of possible profiles allows a high degree of design freedom. Tailored properties such as strength, stiffness, weight and colour can be engineered by product design at the early stages of development.

The excellent impact strength of GRP Pultruded Profiles can reduce damage potential caused by accidental collisions.

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